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Since this website is designed to help people in doing research and gathering information about their ancestors, you may desire to know something about the author.

I am an Ohio native of Welsh descent.  I Served in the military (20 years), then became a teacher for 30 years in Ohio, Utah and Florida at both high schools and universities.  I graduated from Bowling Green State University in Ohio with two bachelor degrees (Business Education and History) and  a Master’s Degree in Education.

As a member and officer in several genealogy societies, both at the local and international level, I have been actively engaged in Family History/Genealogy research for over fifty years, teaching and lecturing in universities, ethnic events, family reunions, and conferences, and have authored many articles about family history.  

I have held a research permit at the National Archives and spent three years doing research in the Welsh National Library in Aberystwyth, Wales. While in England, my wife and I published a monthly periodical about genealogy called “Kith and Kin”.  I also helped design and beta test several genealogy computer programs.  I have indexed and arbitrated thousands of documents for Family Search, including American Indian census records.  My historical interest in Native American culture led to me publish on-line, “A Linguistic Analysis of Native American Languages.”, and “A Genealogists Guide to the History of North and Central America and the Islands of the Caribbean”.  Much of the material from the latter publication is included on this website.

I am currently serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, manning a position on-line , helping users of with questions and problems.

My articles in this site are copyrighted.  You are free to link to any article, but do not copy and republish without my permission.

Bob Penry 

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