WW1 and WW2

The world as been at war since the beginning of time.  Family against family. Race against race. Tribe against tribe.  Religion against religion.  Nation against nation.  This website is a genealogy website.  Why talk about war?  Since war has been a continual feature in the history of the world, it has affected families continually.  Children lose fathers in combat.  Whole neighborhoods and even cities are destroyed with great loss of life.  One cannot separate genealogy and history.  History including warfare, family and geographic feuds, political connections, wealth, and noble birth directly affect genealogy, especially when considering marriage.  Since a family historian considers such questions as “How and Why”, I felt it necessary to include this section.  As a history teacher, I have always been interested in warfare that has directly affected those members of my family with whom I been  personally acquainted.  Even though I have had family members involved in conflict, both in European and U.S. ancestry, I had no personal contact with them before World War 1.  I did know two family members who served in Korea, and I served in Viet Nam.  I decided to include information about World Wars I and II, because these wars included my direct ancestors whom I knew.  The information included about WWI and WWI are statistical.  Names, places, and dates of battles are listed. I have included hundreds of links to related articles.
Warfare in both World War 1 and World War 2 both had theaters of operation, Even though battles took place in oceans and seas, on land – both continental and island, and either in or from the air, classification is easier by theater.   The two most basic theaters of operation are Atlantic and Pacific.  Battles on air, land, and sea took place mainly in these two locations.  Sometimes if in some other area such as the Artic or Africa, the battles were directly related to either the Atlantic or Pacific theaters of operations.  (Theater or Theatre?  Both are correct.  U.S. usually says theater, Europe theatre).  

WW1 (World War One) consisted of the following theaters of war: 

  • Western Front
  • Eastern Front
  • Italian Front
  • Gallipli
  • The War at Sea
 World War 1 did have some battles in the Pacific, but they were directly related to events in the Atlantic theater.  

WWII (World War Two) consisted of the following theaters of war:

European Theater:

  • Nordic Front
  • Western Front
  • Eastern Front

Mediterranean, African and Middle East Theater:  

Pacific-Asian Theater:

  • Second Sino-Japanese War
  • Pacific War
  • south West Pacific
  • South-East Asia
  • Japan
  • Soviet-Japanese War


Arctic and Antarctica
West Africa
Battle of Atlantic
Battle of the Mediterranean
Battle of the Indian Ocean
Battle of Britain
Strategic Bombing
Atomic Bombing
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