Mary's Penry's (nee Smith) Siblings

This gallery contains images of Mary Ann’s siblings.  There were six children in the family, Richard, Wilma, Raymond, Lora, William (Bill), and Mary Ann. Richard died of crib death as an infant in 1934.  Wilma is the only living sibling.  Wilma was born 1925, Raymond was born 1929 and died of lung cancer in 1978, Lora was born 1940 and died of diabetic complications in 2018.  Bill was born1943 and died of heart failure and diabetic complications in 2015.  Mary Ann was born 1945 and died of breast cancer in  2015.  

Mary's Siblings - Youth (In order, Wilma, Raymond, Lora, Bill)

Wilma's Family

Raymond's Family

Lora's Family

Bill's Family

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