Rebecca Niles' (nee Penry) Family

Rebecca Ann Penry (Becky) was born 1969 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Her mother was staying with Becky’s Grandmother while I was retraining into a new field at Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi.  Becky attended Ball State University, graduating in 1992 with an B.S. in English degree.  She worked as a photo-journalist and as a Volunteer Services Coordinator for Childrens’ Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, then as a Volunteer Coordinator for the YMCA, and also worked in a Computer Consulting Company with her husband.  Becky met her husband Robert Paul Niles at Ball State and they married in 1990.  They have three children.  Their oldest, Morgan has degrees in Resource Conservation Law Enforcement and Botany.  She currently works in the landscaping profession in Cincinnati.  Their son Dylan is a Navy Corpsman assigned to the U.S. Marine Corps.  Their son Gavin is a very talented percussionist and guitar player.  

Becky - Youth

Becky and Rob - Adults




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