Cynthia Williamson's (nee Penry) Family

Cynthia LeAnne Penry (Cindy) was born in 1975 in Ohio.  She attended Franklin University, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Forensic Accounting.  She worked for the State, but now has her own business demonstrating and selling kitchen food preparation equipment, and operating her own bakery.   She married Jack Williamson in 2014.  Jack works for a pharmacy management company and has three adult sons from a prior marriage. Jack has a B.A.  in Linguistics with a speciality in Portugese and attended Law School at Capital University.  Cindy and Jack are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Jack was a missionary in Brazil and now teaches an adult religious course.  Cindy teaches a childrens’ religious program

Cynthia Youth

Cynthia and Jack

Williamson Boys

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