A World of Islands

Author: Robert W. Penry @ 2021

Islands!  Earth contains millions of islands, of which about 11,000 are inhabited.
Many countries are islands, and I have included them on this site.  But each country may consist of many, many islands.
For instance, Cuba.  The main island of Cuba is surrounded by nearly 1,600 additional small islands and cays.  The state of Hawaii has eight major islands, but altogether, there are 137 islands!  Any mainland country has offshore islands.
The North and South American continents have some countries with coasts on both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and east of the coastal countries will probably have offshore islands.
Besides islands in oceans, there are islands in seas, gulfs, bays, lakes, and rivers.
Islands are often in the ocean in a line or a group.  We call these groups Archipelagos.  Examples are the Mariana Islands, the Florida Keys, Hawaiian Islands, and Aleutian Islands. Archipelagos are given names to identify the group.  If you query an archipelago name, it will usually include a list of islands in the group.  Archipelagos are grouped because they share common characteristics such as a line of volcanic islands above an underwater ridge, or perhaps coral outcroppings in a line. 
If you are interested in seeing lists and information on the world’s islands, please visit the following links:
Of special interest are islands that have seen wars.  Islands in the Mediterranean Sea have seen warfare since the dawn of civilization.  The Minoan Culture on the island of Crete saw the Mycenaean invasion as early as the 15th century BC.  The Anglo-French conflicts and the Napoleonic wars saw islands under siege for hundreds of years.  During the American Revolution, a major battle was fought on Long Island.  Smaller battles were fought on several small islands in the Carolina’s and Georgia. The Falkland Islands aka Maldives in the South Atlantic have seen combat in WW1 and also in 1982 between the British and Argentina.
However, the World War II saw many seemingly small and insignificant islands in the Pacific become household names for decades.  Iwo Jima, Corregidor, and Guadalcanal are just a few.  To learn more about islands that were involved in World War 1 and World War 2, please visit the following link:  https://penrygenealogy.com/wp-content/uploads/Sea-and-Island-Involvement-in-WW-WW2.jpg

Geological Features of Islands

There are many thousands of islands in the world’s oceans.  Of what are they composed?  Why do they exsist?  Section I indicated that the oceans’ floors are not flat.  They have trenches, valleys, hills, mountains, or volcanoes.  In other words, just like on land. Examples of these different types of islands follow.
Volcanic Islands:  Most islands in the world are volcanic and are the tips of underwater volcanos, most are dormant, but some are active. Example Hawaiian Islands.
Coral Islands:  These are coral reefs or atolls that have risen above the surface of the surrounding water. Example – Barbados and the Florida Keys.  The Florida Keys are limestone outcroppings of an ancient coral reef but a few keys are just sand bars.  In the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are Coral.
Continental Islands.  These are islands that have broken from the mainland, usually caused by rising sea levels.  Examples:  Cuba, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico.
Tectonic Islands:  The islands are formed when plates in the earth’s crust rub against each other and push rock upward.  Example – Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean.
Sand Bar Islands.  These islands that consist of nothing but sand. Example – Outer Banks of North Carolina.
An archipelago is a line or group of related islands scattered in lakes, rivers or the ocean and is given a group name that includes all of the included islands.  Examples:  Hawaii Islands, The Marshall Islands, The Philippines, or the Florida Keys.
Sometimes an archipelago can have multiple types of islands.  Example: The Mariana Islands in the Pacific are the summits of fifteen mostly dormant volcanic mountains.  But the southern islands in the Mariana Archipelago are limestone terraces and coral reefs.

Archipelagos -
Many, Many, Islands!

To understand the formation of an archipelago, it helps to review the topography (or shape of the land) on the bottom of the sea.  The bottom of the sea is not flat.  Just like the earth’s lands, the ocean bottom consists of granite mountains, deep canyons, volcanos, plains, and faults which are cracks in the earth.  Mountains usually lie in a straight line on land, and so the ocean mountains do the same.  A chain of islands is often just the peaks of an ocean mountain range.
A fault (a crack in the earth) is weak spot in the earth’s crust.  The earth has a layer of rock and soil, several miles thick that lies over molten rock.  The earth is not a solid, cold lump of rock.  The earth is kind of like an orange.  The orange has a hard peel, and underneath it is wet.  If you cut the peel with a knife, juice will leak out.  The earth is like that, put a crack in it, and the hot molten rock can leak out or erupt (explode) as a volcano.  Faults are usually in a straight line and so a straight line of the tops of underwater volcanos can stick up above the water.
Sometimes, sand can pile up along a raised part of the earth underwater and as the piles get deeper, they can become sand islands.  Coral can grow along a ridge and grow above the water in some places forming coral islands, reefs and atolls. Coral eventually dies and becomes limestone, and a chain of limestone islands can appear.  Shallow water over rock can create shoals which can be hazardous to shipping.
Over time, the level of water on earth rises and falls.  Seas get deeper or shallower.  New islands can appear, or some can disappear.  Volcanoes erupt underwater and rise creating a new island. 

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The number of islands on Earth number in the millions.  The number of Archipelagos or chains of islands number over 1000.  Wikipedia lists the world’s archipelagos which list follows.  It is grouped by ocean and follows with a list of archipelagos sorted by populations (from greatest down to a population of 24 – there are many with less than 24).

o    2.1Along the coast of Europe

o    2.2Along the coast of Africa

o    2.3Along the coast of the Americas

o    2.4Macaronesia

o    2.5Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia and Gulf Of Finland

o    2.6Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico

o    2.7Caspian Sea

o    2.8Mediterranean Sea

o    2.9North Sea

o    3.1Along the coast of Africa

o    3.2Along the coast of Asia

o    3.3Along the coast of Australia

o    3.4Outlying archipelagos

o    3.5Red Sea

o    4.1Along the coast of the Americas

o    4.2Along the coast of Asia

o    4.3Oceania

§  4.3.1Australia

§  4.3.2Melanesia

§  4.3.3Micronesia (Subdivision of Oceania not country)

§  4.3.4Polynesia

Arctic Ocean

Archipelagos of the Arctic Ocean:

·         Achton Friis Islands

·         Anzhu Islands

·         Arkticheskiy Institut Islands

·         Barren Islands

·         Berkeley Islands

·         Bonsall Islands

·         Canadian Arctic Archipelago

o    Aihoyok Islands

o    Akvitlak Islands

o    Arvalik Islands

o    Astronomical Society Islands

o    Bate Islands

o    Belcher Islands

o    Berens Islands

o    Beverly Islands

o    Bird Islands

o    Bjorne Islands

o    Cape Chidley Islands

o    Cape Hope Islands

o    Carter Islands

o    Champan Islands

o    Cheere Islands

o    Clarence Islands

o    Copeland Islands

o    Crown Prince Islands

o    Digges Islands

o    Duke of York Archipelago

o    Finlaysin Islands

o    Harrison Islands

o    Hay Islands

o    Hecla and Fury Islands

§  Fury Islands

§  Hecla Islands

o    Hovgaard Islands

o    Keith Islands

o    Leo Islands

o    Low Islands

o    Martin Islands

o    Minto Islands

o    Nastapoka Islands

o    Nauyan Islands

o    Outcast Islands

o    Outpost Islands

o    Paint Hills Islands

o    Parry Islands

§  Berkeley Islands

§  Hosken Islands

§  Cornwallis Islands

o    Queen Elizabeth Islands

§  Cheyne Islands

§  Fay Islands

§  Findlay Group

§  Gretha Islands

§  Marvin Islands

§  Sverdrop Islands

o    Tasmania Islands

o    Tennent Islands

o    Twin Islands

o    Saneruarsuk Islands

o    Solomons Temple Islands

o    Spicer Islands

o    Walrus Islands (Nunavut)

o    Walrus Islands (Southampton)

·         Cape Farewell Archipelago

·         Carey Islands

·         Danske Islands

·         Diomede Islands

·         Dunay Islands

·         Izvestiy TSIK Islands

·         Faddey Islands

·         Fincsh Islands

·         Firnley Islands

·         Franske Islands

·         Franz Josef Land

·         Havard Islands

·         Heiburg Islands

·         Kaibigan Islands

·         Kamennyye Islands

·         Kasegaluk Lagoon Islands

·         Kirov Islands

·         Komsomolskaya Pravda Islands

·         Labyrintovye Islands

·         Lofoten

·         Lyakhovsky Islands

·         Medvezhyi Islands

·         Midway Islands

·         Miles Islands

·         Mona Islands

·         New Siberian Islands

o    De Long Islands

o    Sedov Archipelago

·         Nordenskiöld Archipelago

·         Novaya Zemlya

·         Nuvuk Islands

·         Plavnikovyye Islands

·         Plover Islands

·         Pye Islands

·         Return Islands

·         Routan Islands

·         Saint Peter Islands

·         Scott Hansen Islands

·         Seahorse Islands

·         Serykh Gusey Islands

·         Severnaya Zemlya

·         Shelonsky Islands

·         Sisters Islands

·         Solovetsky Islands

·         Spy Islands

·         Strutton Islands

·         Svalbard

o    Castrénøyane

o    Repøyane

o    Ryke Yseøyane

o    Sabine Islands

o    Thousand Islands

·         Tillo Islands

·         Upernavik Archipelago

·         Vegaøyan

·         Vestmannaeyjar

·         Zveroboy Islands

Atlantic Ocean[

Archipelagos of the Atlantic Ocean:

Along the coast of Europe

·         Berlengas

o    Estelas Islets

o    Farilhões-Forcados Islets

·         British Isles

o    Aran Islands

o    Blasket Islands

o    Carreg Yr Esgob

o    Copeland Islands

o    Farne Islands

o    Inishkea Islands

o    Hebrides

§  Outer Hebrides

§  Flannan Isles

§  Haskeir Eagach

§  Monach Islands

§  St Kilda

§  Inner Hebrides

o    Ascrib Islands

o    Crowlin Islands

o    Islands of Fleet

§  Murray Isles

o    Islands of the Clyde

o    Isles of Scilly

o    Magharree Islands

o    Meini Duon

o    Isles of Scilly

o    Orkney

o    Shetland Islands

§  North Isles

§  Scalloway Islands

§  Out Skerries

o    Skellig Islands

o    Slate Islands

o    Small Isles

o    Summer Isles

o    Treshnish Isles

·         Channel Islands

o    Chausey

·         Columbretes Islands

·         Cíes Islands

·         Danish Isles

·         Faroe Islands

o    Norðuroyggjar

·         Formigues Islands

·         Glénan Islands

·         Isles of Sicily

·         Lofoten

·         Medes Islands

·         Vestmannaeyjar

·         Þórðarhöfði (Thordarhofdi)

Along the coast of Africa

·         Arquipélago dos Bijagós

·         Baboon Islands

·         Bight of Bonny Islands

o    Annobón

o    Bioko

o    São Tomé e Príncipe

·         Bissagos Islands

·         Canary islands

·         Islas de Elobey

·         Islas Kai Hai

·         Saint Helena

·         Tristan da Cunha

·         Turtle Islands, Sierra Leone

·         Îles de Los

Along the coast of the Americas

·         Abrolhos Archipelago

·         Belcher Islands

·         Bermuda Islands

·         Bocas del Toro

·         Broken Islands

·         Corn Islands

·         Cranberry Isles

·         Diego Ramírez Islands

·         Falkland Islands

o    Arch Islands

o    Jason Islands

·         Fernando de Noronha

·         Flat Islands, Bovista Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador Flat Islands*

·         Florida Keys

·         Hermite Islands

·         Ildefonso Islands

·         Karl Oom Islands

·         Lucayan Archipelago

o    The Bahamas

o    Turks and Caicos Islands

·         Magdalen Islands (Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine)

·         Marcopeet Islands

·         Mingan Archipelago

·         Outer Lands (New England-New York islands)

·         Payne Islands

·         Plover Islands

·         Puerto Rico

o    Mona Islands

·         Punuk Islands

·         Ragged Islands

·         Saint Peter and Paul Rocks

·         Salvation’s Islands

·         San Blas Islands

·         Thimble Islands

·         Tierra del Fuego

·         Trindade and Martin Vaz

·         Wollaston Islands


Archipelagos of Macaronesia:

·         Azores

o    Formigas

·         Canary Islands

o    Chinijo Archipelago

·         Cape Verde

o    Barlavento Islands

o    Sotavento Islands

·         Madeira Islands

o    Desertas Islands

o    Savage Islands

Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia and Gulf Of Finland

Archipelagos of the Baltic SeaGulf of Bothnia and Gulf of Finland:

·         Åland

·         Archipelago Sea

·         Beryozovye Islands

·         Blekinge Archipelago

·         Bothnian Bay archipelago[1]

o    Haparanda archipelago[2]

o    Kalix archipelago[3]

o    Luleå archipelago[4]

o    Piteå archipelago[5]

o    Skellefteå archipelago[6]

·         Froan

·         Kvarken Archipelago

·         Norrbotten Archipelago

·         Oskarshamn archipelago

·         Pakri Islands

·         South Funen Archipelago

·         Swedish East Coast Archipelago

o    Gräsö archipelago

o    Oskarshamn archipelago

o    Stockholm Archipelago

§  Rödlöga archipelago

§  Skarv Archipelago

o    Södermanland archipelago

o    Öregrund archipelago

o    Östergötland archipelago

§  Gryt archipelago

§  Sankt Anna’s Archipelago

§  Tjust Archipelago

o    Småland archipelago

·         Turku archipelago

·         West Estonian archipelago

Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico

Archipelagos of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico:

·         Archipelago of San Bernando

·         Cayman Islands

·         Florida Keys

·         Rosario Islands

·         Swan Islands

·         West Indies

o    Antilles

§  Greater Antilles

§  Cuban Islands

§  Colorados Archipelago

§  Cannarreos Archipelago

§  Jardines de la Reina

§  Sabana-Camagüey Archipelago

§  Puerto Rican Islands

§  Lesser Antilles

§  Leeward Islands

§  Petite Terre islands

§  Virgin Islands

§  British Virgin Islands

§  Dog Islands

§  Little Sisters

§  Seal Dog Islands

§  US Virgin Islands

§  Îles des Saintes

§  Leeward Antilles

§  ABC Islands

§  Las Aves Archipelago

§  Los Hermanos Archipelago

§  Los Monjes Archipelago

§  Los Roques Archipelago

§  Los Testigos Islands

§  Lucayan Archipelago

§  Abacos Islands

§  Bimini Islands

§  Berry Islands

§  Cat Cays

§  Deadman Cays

§  Double Headed Shot Cays

§  Elbow Cays

§  Factory Cays

§  Inagua Islands

§  Plana Cays

§  Schooner Cays

§  Water Cays

§  Victory Cays

§  Turks and Caicos

§  Six Hill Cays

§  Windward Islands

§  Brooks Rocks

§  Cow And Calves Islands

§  Grenadines

Caspian Sea

Archipelagos of the Caspian Sea:

·         Baku Archipelago

·         Podvodnyye Islands

·         Tuledi Araldary

·         Tyuleniy Archipelago

Mediterranean Sea

Archipelagos of the Mediterranean Sea:

·         Aegean Islands

o    Ayvalık Islands

o    Cyclades

o    Dodecanese

o    Fournoi Korseon

o    Oinousses

o    Saronic Islands

o    Sporades

o    Tavşan Islands

·         Aegadian Islands

·         Aeolian Islands

·         Alhucemas Islands

·         Ayvalık

·         Balearic Islands

·         Brijuni

·         Campanian Archipelago

o    Phlegrean Islands

·         Cres-Lošinj Archipelago

·         Elaphiti Islands

·         Galite Islands

·         Ionian Islands

·         Isole Tremiti

·         Kerkennah Islands

·         Kornati

·         Ksamil Islands

·         Maddalena Archipelago

·         Maltese Islands

·         Mola Islands

·         Paklinski Islands

·         Pelagie Islands

·         Phlegraean Islands

·         Pityusic Islands

·         Pontine Islands

·         Rovinj Archipelago

·         St Paul’s Islands

·         Tuscan Archipelago

·         Venetian Lagoon

·         Zadar Archipelago

North Sea

Archipelagos of the North Sea:

·         Frisian Islands (or Wadden Islands)

o    Danish Wadden Sea Islands

o    East Frisian Islands

o    North Frisian Islands

o    North Frisian Barrier Islands

o    West Frisian Islands

·         Southern Gothenburg Archipelago

·         Vega Islands (Vegaøyan)

Indian Ocean

Along the coast of Africa

·         Bajuni Islands

·         Cargados Carajos Shoals (Saint Brandon)

·         Choazil Islands (Malandzamia Islands)

·         Comoro Islands

·         Glorioso Islands

·         Khuriya Muriya Islands

·         Mascarene Islands

·         Mayotte

·         Quirimbas Islands

·         Seychelles

o    African Banks

o    Aldabra Group

o    La Digue

§  Inner Islands

o    Outer Islands

§  Alphonse Group

§  Amirante Islands

§  Farquhar Group

·         Socotra Archipelago

·         Zanzibar Archipelago

Along the coast of Asia

·         Ad Dimaniyat Islands

·         Andaman Islands and Nicobar Islands

o    Andaman Islands

o    Ritchie’s Archipelago

§  Twin Islands

o    Nicobar Islands

·         Ashmore and Cartier Islands

·         Cocos (Keeling) Islands

·         Hawar Islands

·         Langkawi

·         Lakshadweep (Laccadives)

·         Logo Islands (artificial)

·         Logo Islands (other artificial one)

·         Maldives

·         Mentawai Islands

·         Nurana Islands

·         Mergui Archipelago

·         Palm Jumeirah (artificial)

·         The World (artificial)

Along the coast of Australia

·         Bonaparte Archipelago

·         Buccaneer Archipelago

·         Houtman Abrolhos

o    Wallabi Group

o    Easter Group

o    Pelsaert Group

·         Lacepede Islands

·         Lamu Archipelago

·         Mary Anne Group

·         Recherche Archipelago

Outlying archipelagos

·         Chagos Archipelago

o    Eagle Islands

·         Crozet Islands

·         Kerguelen Islands

·         Prince Edward Islands

Red Sea

Archipelagos in the Red Sea:

·         Dahlak Archipelago

·         Farasan Islands

·         Hanish Islands

·         Hurghada Archipelago

·         Sa’ad ad-Din Islands

·         Seven Brothers Islands

·         Suakin Archipelago

·         Zubair Group


Pacific Ocean

Along the coast of the Americas

·         Aleutian Islands

o    Andreanof Islands

o    Bolshoi Islands

o    Delarof Islands

o    Fox Islands

o    Islands of Four Mountains

o    Komandorski Islands

o    Kudomin Islands

o    Near Islands

o    Rat Islands

o    Semidi Islands

o    Shumagin Islands

·         Alexander Archipelago

·         Archipelagoes of Patagonia

o    Guaitecas Archipelago (Archipiélago de las Guaitecas)

o    Guayaneco Archipelago (Archipiélago Guayaneco)

o    Chonos Archipelago (Archipiélago de los Chonos)

o    Diego Ramírez Islands (Islas Diego Ramírez)

o    Katalalixar Archipielago

o    Madre de Dios Archipelago

o    Pearl Islands

o    Queen Adelaide Archipelago (Archipelago de La Reina Adelaida)

o    Tierra del Fuego (Archipiélago de Tierra del Fuego)

o    Wollaston Islands (Islas Wollaston)

o    Wellington Archipelago

·         Baranof Archipelago

·         Bird Rocks

·         Broughton Archipelago

·         Channel Islands of California

·         Chiloé Archipelago (Archipiélago de Chiloé)

·         Chinchas Islands

·         Chriswell Islands

·         Coronado Islands

·         Desventuradas Islands

·         Easter Island

·         Farallon Islands

·         Flat Islands

·         Galápagos Islands (Archipiélago de Colón)

·         Goose Group

·         Gulf Islands

·         Haida Gwaii

·         Islas Secas

·         Juan Fernández Islands

·         Minx Islands

·         Pleiades Islands

·         Pribilof Islands

·         Renell Islands

·         Revillagigedo Islands

·         San Juan Islands

Along the coast of Asia

·         Amakusa Islands

·         Banzhou Archipelago

·         Chàm Islands

·         Côn Đảo

·         Changsan Archipelago

·         Chastye Islands

·         Coco Islands

·         Chumphon Islands

·         Eugénie Archipelago

·         Fishers’ Islands

·         Japanese archipelago (including Sakhalin)

o    Bonin Islands

o    Habomi Islands

o    Nanpō Islands

o    Ryukyu Archipelago

§  Okinawa Islands

§  Aguni Islands

§  Iheya-Izena Islands

§  Kerama Islands

§  Yokatsu Islands

§  Sakishima Islands

§  Miyako Islands

§  Yaeyama Islands

§  Satsunan Islands

§  Amami Islands

§  Tokara Islands

§  Ōsumi Islands

§  Daitō Islands

·         Kinmen Islands

·         Koh Rong Archipelago

·         Korean Archipelago

·         Kuril Islands

·         Liancourt Rocks

·         Miaodao Archipelago

·         Malay Archipelago

o    Great Indonesia Archipelago

§  Asia Islands

§  Ayu Islands

§  Bacan Islands

§  Balabalagan Islands

§  Banda Arc

§  Banda Islands

§  Banggai Islands

§  Bowokan Islands

§  Bangka Belitung Islands

§  Banyak Islands

§  Barat Daya Islands

§  Babar Islands

§  Boo Islands

§  Derawan Islands

§  Erà Islands

§  Gili Islands

§  Gorong Archipelago

§  Hinako Islands

§  Kangean Islands

§  Karakaralong Islands

§  Karimata Islands

§  Karimun Islands

§  Kepulauan Mentawai

§  Krakatoa Archipelago

§  Kuran Islands

§  Laut Kecil Islands

§  Lease Islands

§  Leti Islands

§  Lingga Islands

§  Lucipara Islands

§  Maluku Islands

§  Aru Islands

§  Kai Islands

§  Penyu Islands

§  Watubela Archipelago

§  Masalembu Islands

§  Mentawai Islands Regency

§  Nias Islands

§  Batu Islands

§  Obi Islands

§  Spermonde Archipelago (Pabbring Islands)

§  Raja Ampat Islands

§  Fam Islands

§  Riau Archipelago

§  Anambas Islands

§  Natuna Islands

§  Bunguran Islands

§  South Natuna

§  Riau Islands (separate from the Riau Archipelago)

§  Sabalana Islands

§  Sangihe Islands

§  Schouten Islands (Known as Biak Islands and Geelvink Islands)

§  Selayar Islands

§  Macan Islands

§  Taka Bonerate Islands

§  Sula Islands Also Known As Xulla Islands

§  Sunda Islands

§  Greater Sunda Islands

§  Lesser Sunda Islands

§  Alor Archipelago

§  Solor Archipelago

§  Tanimbar Islands

§  Talaud Islands

§  Tayandu Islands

§  Tengah Islands

§  Thousand Islands (Indonesia)

§  Togian Islands

§  Tudjuh Archipelago

§  Anambas Islands

§  Badas Islands

§  Natuna Islands

§  Bunguran Islands

§  South Natuna

§  Tambelan Archipelago

§  Tukangbesi Islands

§  Wakatobi Regency

§  Widi Islands

o    Matanani Islands

o    Perhentian Islands

o    Philippine Islands (Island nation)

§  Baco Islands

§  Batanes

§  Babuyan Islands

§  Balintang Islands

§  Calamian Islands

§  Semirana Islands

§  Cuyo Archipelago

§  Mangsee Islands

§  Spratly Islands

§  Sulu Archipelago

§  Sangboy Islands

§  Tangawayan Islands

§  Tinalisayan Islets

§  Visayas

§  Camotes Islands

§  Coaman Islets

§  Cuatro Islands

§  Dinagat Islands

§  Cabilan Islands

§  Gigantes Islands

§  Olango Island Group

·         Ogasawara Islands

·         Penghu Islands

·         Poulo Wai islands

·         Rimsky-Korsakov Archipelago

·         Shantar Islands

·         Shengsi Islands

·         South China Sea Islands

o    Paracel Islands

§  Amphitrite Group

§  Crescent Group

§  Duncan Islands

o    Spratly Islands

o    Zhongsha Islands

·         Taehwa-Do

·         Volcano Islands

·         Yam Islands



·         Archipelago of the Recherche

·         Beagle Islands

·         Bird Isles

·         Bonaparte Archipelago

·         Breaksea Islands

·         Buccaneer Archipelago

·         Bustard Islands

·         Celery Top Islands

·         Corkwood Islands

·         Crocodile Islands

·         Dampier Archipelago

·         Easter Group

·         Fairfax Islands

·         Fig Islands

·         Fisherman Islands

·         Furneaux Group

·         Glennie Group

·         Governor Islands

·         Hakea Islands

·         High Cliffy Islands

·         Home Islands

·         Hunter Islands

·         Islands on the Great Barrier Reef

o    Sir James Smith Group

§  Anchor Islands

o    Barrow Islands

o    Bird Isles

o    Brook Islands

o    Bunker Group

o    Capricon Group

o    Duke Islands

o    Fairfax Islands

o    Family Islands

o    Frankland Islands

o    Home Islands

o    Hoskyn Islands

o    Ingot Islets

o    Jeffreys Rocks

o    Kippel Islands

o    Moonboom Islands

o    Red Cliff Islands

o    Repulse Islands

o    Torres Strait Islands

§  Duncan Islands

o    Turtle Group

o    Two Brothers

o    Two Islands

o    Whitsunday Islands

·         Investigator Group

o    Pearson Isles

·         Kent Group

·         Kingsmill Islands

·         Leschenaultia Islands

·         Louis Islands

·         Maatsuyker Islands

·         Mangrove Islands

·         Mart Islands

·         Middle Pasco Islands

·         Minnieritchie Islands

·         Montebello Islands

·         Moonboon Islands

·         Mud Islands

·         Mulga Islands

·         North East Isles

·         Nuyts Archipelago

·         Pearson Islands

·         Pelsaert Group

·         Peron Islands

·         Quandong Islands

·         Saint Alouarm Islands

·         Sir Graham Moore Islands

·         Sir Joseph Banks Group

·         Smith Islands

·         The English Company Islands

·         Tiwi Islands

·         Tory Islands

·         Twin Peak Islands

·         Vernon Islands

·         Wallabi Group

·         Wellesley Islands

o    South Wellesley Islands

·         Whitsunday Islands


·         Bismarck Archipelago

o    Admiralty Islands

o    Arawe Islands

o    Duke of York Islands

o    Feni Islands

o    Hermit Archipelago

o    Kaniet Islands

o    Lihir Group

o    Ninigo Islands

o    Schouten Islands

o    St Matthias Islands

o    Tabar Group

o    Tami Islands

o    Tanga Islands

o    Vitu Islands

·         D’Entrecasteaux Islands

·         Fiji Islands

o    Lau Islands (Also known as Lau Group, Eastern Group and Eastern Archipelago)

o    Marmanuca Islands

o    Moala Islands

o    Rotuma Group

o    Viti Levu Group

o    Yasawa Islands

·         Louisiade Archipelago

o    Bentley Islands

o    Dumolin Islands

·         New Caledonia (Kanaky)

o    Loyalty Islands

·         New Guinea

·         Shepherd Islands

·         Solomon Islands

o    Solomon Islands (country)

§  Duff Islands

§  Santa Cruz Islands

§  Nggela Islands

§  New Georgia Islands

§  Reef Islands

§  Russell Islands

§  Shortland Islands

§  Treasurly Islands

o    Northern Solomons (Bougainville)

·         Tonga

o    Geography of Tonga

·         Trobiand Islands

·         Vanuatu (New Hebrides)

o    Banks Islands

o    Maskelyne Islands

o    Mathew and Hunter Islands (Disputed between Vanuatu and France so it could be in here or not)

o    Shephard Islands

o    Torres Islands

Micronesia (Subdivision of Oceania not country)

·         Caroline Islands

·         Faichuk Islands

o    Nomiwisofo Group

·         Gilbert Islands (Kiribati)

·         Hall Islands

·         Line Islands

·         Makur Islands

·         Mariana Islands

·         Marshall Islands

o    Ralik Chain

o    Ratak Chain

·         Mortlock Islands (Nomoi Islands)

o    Upper Mortlock Islands

·         Palau

o    Rock Islands

o    Southwest Islands

·         Phoenix Islands

·         Senyavin Islands


·         Adams Rocks

·         Aldermen Islands

·         Antipodes Islands

·         Auckland Islands

·         Bounty Islands

o    Main Group

o    Centre Group

o    East Group

·         Campbell Islands

·         Chatham Islands

o    Forty-Fours

o    The Sisters

·         Cook Islands (Hervey Islands)

o    Northern Cook Islands

o    Southern Cook Islands

·         Folly Islands

·         French Polynesia

o    Acteon Group

o    Austral Islands

o    Gambier Islands

o    Marquesas

o    Rurutu

o    Society Islands

§  Îles du vent (Windward Islands)

§  Îles sous le vent (Leeward Islands)

o    Tuamotus

§  Disappointment Islands

§  Duke of Gloucester Islands

§  King George islands

§  Palliser Islands

§  Raeffsky Islands

§  Two Group Islands

o    Tubuai Group

·         Hawaiian Islands (Sandwich Islands)

o    Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

§  French Frigate Shoals

§  Gardner Pinnacles

·         Mercury Islands

·         New Zealand (main chain)

o    Bream Islands

o    Cavalli Islands

o    Chetwode Islands

o    Islands of the Hauraki Gulf

§  Hen and Chicken Islands (NZ)

§  Marotere Islands

§  Mayne Islands

§  Mercury Islands

§  Mokihinau Islands

§  Motukawao Islands

§  The Noises

o    Kermadec Islands

o    Poor Knights Islands

o    Simmonds Islands

o    Rurima Rocks

§  Moutoki Islands

§  Tokata Islands

o    Open Bay Islands

o    Rangitoto Islands

o    Solander Islands

o    Sugar Loaf Islands

o    Tata Islands

o    Three Kings Islands

o    Titi/Muttonbird Islands

·         Pitcairn Islands

·         Samoan Islands (Navigators’ Islands)

o    Aleipata Islands

§  American Samoa (Eastern Samoa)

§  Manu’a

§  Samoa (Western Samoa)

·         Snares Islands

·         Tonga Islands (Friendly Islands)

·         Tokelau (Union Islands)

·         Tuvalu (Ellice Islands)

·         Wallis and Futuna Islands

o    Horne Islands

Southern Ocean

·         Aagaard Islands

·         Afuera Islands or Penguin Island or Dodge Rocks

·         Allison Islands

·         Al’bov Rocks

·         Auster Islands

·         Austin Rocks

·         Azimuth Islands

·         Balleny Islands

·         Biscoe Islands

o    Adolph Islands

o    Barcroft Islands

·         Bishop and Clerk Islets

·         Bugge Islands

·         Burkett Islands

·         Colbeck Archipelago

·         Dellbridge Islands

·         Dumolin Islands

·         Faure Islands

·         Flat Islands

·         Heard Island and McDonald Islands

·         Hydrographer Islands

·         Joinville Island Group

o    Danger Islands

·         Judge and Clerk Islets

·         Law Islands

·         Marshall Archipelago

·         Mikkelsen Islands

·         Nøkkelholmane Islands

·         Palmer Archipelago

o    Melchior Islands

·         Ross Archipelago

·         Smith Islands

·         South Georgia

o    Clerke Rocks

o    Behnam Nazemi

o    Kapriyanov Islands

§  South Sandwich Islands

§  Candlemas Islands

§  Central Islands

§  Southern Thule

§  Traversay Islands

§  Vincent Islands

§  Willis Islands

·         South Orkney Islands

o    Flensing Islands

o    Gosling Islands

o    Governor Islands

o    Inaccessible Islands

o    Larsen Islands

o    Monk Islands

o    Murray Islands

o    Oliphant Islands

o    Robertson Islands

o    <