British Isles - Many Islands

Author:  Robert W. Penry @2021

The total number of islands in the British Isles is many thousands.  Just choosing islands that are at least a ½ acre (0.2 hectares) in size, the Island of Great Britain has about 4,400 islands, of which about 210 are inhabited.  An additional 6,100 are islands only at low tide.  The Island of Ireland has about 850 islands, of which about 70 are inhabited and about 1000 only appear on low tide.  Some islands are only inhabited at certain seasons, for commercial fishing or for vacation homes. (Source Brian Adams, hydrographic officer, London)
Many of the small islands are under the jurisdiction of the adjacent counties on land.  Some are large enough to have their own local governments.
The British Isles is composed of two main islands, Britain and Ireland.  Too often people around the world, think that the British Isles is England.  It is not.  England is one country in the British Islands.  The confusion often comes because the top ruler is the King or Queen of England. who leads each of the countries in the United Kingdom of Britain, just as the United States has one top leader, the President who leads the 50 states of the nation.
To further the problem, not all countries in the British Isles are part of the United Kingdom.  The Queen of England is not the ruler of all of Ireland.  The Island of Ireland has two countries, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.  Only Northern Ireland or Ulster is part of the United Kingdom which is composed of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Additionally, here are thousands of smaller islands surrounding the two islands and also in lakes and rivers. This article will discuss the various divisions further.  Click for a list of islands of the British Isles.
Advice! If you are traveling to any country in the British Islands other than England, don’t call someone an Englishman.  Most will find this insulting, especially, the Welsh, the Scottish and most definitely a citizen of the Irish Republic. 

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Flag of the United Kingdom

Flags of Countries of the United Kingdom

Flag of the United Kingdom
Northern Ireland (Ulster)
Wales (Cymru in Welsh)

Flag of the Republic of Ireland (Éire in Irish)

Republic of Ireland

Crown Dependencies

In addition to the countries of the main islands above, there are other adjacent islands that are crown dependencies of the United Kingdom and are property of the crown.  They are self-governing with their own laws and legislative assemblies and do not have representatives in the UK Parliament. They are:
 ISLE OF MAN                  
ISLES OF SCILLY    .      
   St. Mary’s, Tresco, St. Agnes and Bryher.  Are located off the coast of Cornwall and Cornwall County provides some services.
o   THE CHANNEL ISLANDS consist of:
.   Island of Jersey and some small uninhabited islands.
    Islands of Guernsey, Alderney, Herm, Sark and some smaller islands. 

Local Governed


·        The Islands of Furness in the Irish Sea have a local government called the Borough of Barrow-in-Furness but are part of Cumbria County.
·        Canvey Island in the Thames has its own council and is part of Essex County.
·        Anglesey, the largest island in the Irish Sea is its own county administered by the Anglesey County Council.
Orkney       Is a council area.  It is also a protected constituency which means it does not share a constituency with any part of the mainlandIt does co-elect a Member of Parliament with Shetland. It is not a dependency of the UK. It is its own county.  Its many islands in the Orkney group are part of the County of Orkney.
Shetland       Is a council area.  It is also a protected constituency which means it does not share a constituency with any part of the mainland. It does co-elect a Member of Parliament with Orkney. It is not a dependency of the UK. Its many islands in the Shetland group are part of the County of Shetland.
Hebrides      Consists of:
o   Outer Hebrides or Western Islands has a unitary council based on the Isle of Lewis.
o   Inner Hebrides
The Inner Hebrides have two separate local councils, one on the north and one to the south since the island grouping lies both to the north and south of a part of the mainland which forms a westward projection into the sea.

Islands off Coast of England


This list is only islands off coast.  There are Dependency Islands (Crown Dependency) are not part of UK but UK provides defense in international relations.  They have their own governments. They are the Bailiwick of Jersey, Bailiwick of Guernsey and the Isle of Man.
  • Isle of Man (population over 84,000)
  • Channel Islands consists of the Bailiwick of Jersey and the Bailiwick of Guernsey.  Jersey is the largest Island.  Gurnsey along with Aldereney, Sark, Herm and some smaller islands.
  • Isle of Wight (Population 140,794)
  • Jersey (Population 100,080) includes islets of:
    • The Minquiers
    • Écréhous
    • Les Dirouille
    • Les Pierres de Lecq (the Patermosters)
  • Guernsey (Population 63,026) includes islets of:
    • Crevichon
    • Grande Amfroque
    • Les Houmets
    • Lihou (occupied part of the year)
    • Lihou
    • Lihoumel
    • Les Houmets
    • Bréhon
    • Les Hanois
      • Le Bisé
      • Le Grand Hanois
      • Le Petit Hanois
      • La Percée
      • Round Rock
      • La Grosse Rocque
    • Les Tas de Pois d’Amont
    • Les Tas de Pois d’Aval
    • La Grosse Rocque
    • La Platte Fougère
    • La Conché
    • Alderney
      • Burhou
      • Les Casquets
      • Ortac
      • Renonquet
      • Houmet des Pies
      • Île de Raz
      • L’Étac de la Quoire
      • Houmet de Clonque
    • Sark (Population 600) (includes islets of)
        • Brecqhou (Brechou)
          • Le Nesté
        • Les Burons
        • Baleine
        • Moie de Pot
        • Moie de Brenière
        • Moie de Port Gorey
        • Moie de la Bretagne
        • Moie de la Fontaine
        • Moie de Gouliot
        • Moie de Mouton
        • Tintageu
        • Les Autelets
          • Le Grand Autelet
          • L’Épile
          • Le Blanc Autelet (Le Petit Autelet)
        • Bec du Nez (Oystercatcher’s Rock)
        • La Petite Moie
        • La Grande Moie
        • L’Étac de Serk
        • La Noire Pute
      • Herm (Population 60) (includes islets of)
      • Jethou (Population 3)
          • Crevichon
          • Fauconnière
          • Goubinnière
          • Les Ferrières
          • Les Ânons
        • Caquorobert
        • Isles of Scilly (Off coast of Cornwall) (population in 2021 was 2,100)
          • Annet
          • Bryher Island (Population 92)
          • Burnt
          • Corregon
          • Crow
          • English
          • Gweal largest of the seven Norrard Rocks due west of Bryher
          • Great Arthur
          • Great Ganilly
          • Great Ganinwick
          • Great Innisvouls
          • Green
          • Gugh (Population 3)
          • Guther’s
          • Hanjaque
          • Little Ganinick
          • Little Ganily
          • Little Innisvouls
          • Menawethan
          • Merrick
          • Nornour
          • Plumb
          • Puffin
          • Ragged
          • Rosevear
          • Round
            • Samson
            • St Agnes Island is joined with a sandbar at low tide to Gugh (Population 70)
            • St. Helen’s
            • St Martins Island is joined by an isthmus to White Island (Population 142)
            • St Mary’s Island (Population 1,668)
            • Teän
            • Toll’s
            • Tresco Island (Population 180)
            • White Island (uninhabited)
            • There are and additional 24 islets in the Sciilly’s (uninhabited)
        • Islands of Furness (off Lancashire in Northwest England)
          • Barrow Island (Population 2,616)
          • Chapel Island
          • Dova Haw (Crab Island)
          • Foulney Island
          • Headin Haw 
          • Piel Island (Population 4)
          • Roa Island (Population about 100)
          • Sheep Island
          • Walney Island (Population 10,651)
        • Farne Islands (between 15 and 20 islands depending on the tide)
          • Inner Farne
          • Knoxes Reef
          • East Wideopens
          • West Wideopens
          • The Megstone
          • Staple
          • Brownsman
          • North Wamses
          • South Wamses
          • Big Harcar
          • Longstone
        • Asparagus Island (tidal island off Cornwall within Kynance Cove)
        • Baker’s Island (off Hampshire in Langstone Harbor) (uninhabited bird sanctuary)
        • Bimbeck Island (in the Severn Estuary)
        • Black Nab Island (in Saltwick Bay, Whitby, North Yorkshire)
        • Brownsea Island (Poole Harbour, Dorset)
        • Burgh Island (Devon) (Population about 12)
        • Burntwick Island (Medway Estuary, Sussex)
        • Burrow Island (Tidal Island in Portsmouth Harbor)
        • Canvey Island (Thames Estuary) (Population 37,473)
        • Cindery Island (Essex)
        • Cobmarsh Island (Essex)
        • Coquet Island (Northumberland)
        • Deadman’s Island (Medway Estuary, Sussex)
        • Denny Island (Bristol Channel)
        • Drake’s Island (Devon)
        • Foulness Island (Essex) (Population 212)
        • Fowley Island (Chichester Harbour, West Sussex and Hampshire)
        • Furzey Island (Poole Harbour, Dorset)
        • Gigger’s Island (Poole Harbour, Dorset)
        • Godrevy Island  (Cornwall)
        • Great Cobb Island (Essex
        • Great Mew Stone Island (Devon
        • Green Island (Poole Harbour)
        • Gull Island (Hampshire)
        • Havengore Island (Essex)
        • Havergate Island (Suffolk)
        • Hayling Island (Chichester Harbour, West Sussex and Hampshire) (Population 16,887)
        • Hedge-end Island (Essex)
        • Hilbre Islands (Wirral Peninsula, 3 small islands at the mouth of the River Dee)
        • Horsea Island (Portsmouth Harbour) (Population unknown)
        • Horsey Island (Essex)
        • Lindisfarne Island (Northumberland) (Population (162)
        • Little Eye (Wirral Peninsula, 3 small islands at the mouth of the River Dee)
        • Longships (Land’s End, Cornwall)
        • Long Island (Poole Harbour)
        • Long Island (Lanstone Harbour
        • Looe Island (Cornwall)
        • Lower Horse (Essex)
        • Lundy (Bristol Channel) (Population about 28)
        • Mersea Island (Essex) (Population about 7,200)
        • Middle Eye (Wirral Peninsula, 3 small islands at the mouth of the River Dee)
        • Mullion Island (Cornwall)
        • New England Island (Essex)
        • North Binness Island (Langstone Harbour)
        • Northey Island (Essex)
        • Old Harry Rocks (Dorset)
        • Osea Island (Essex)
        • Outer Trial Bank (Lincolnshire)
        • Pewit Island (Essex)
        • Pewit Island (Portsmouth Harbour)
        • Pilsey Island (Chichester Harbour)
        • Portsea Island (Hampshire) (Population 147,088)
        • Potton Island (Essex)
        • Read’s Island (River Humber)
        • Round Island (Poole Harbour)
        • Rushley Island (Essex)
        • Scott Head Island (Norfolk)
        • St Clement’s Isle (Cornwall)
        • St Michael’s Mount (Cornwall) (Population 35)
        • St Mary’s Island (Tyne and Wear – Northeast Coast near Nothumberland)
        • Isle of Sheppey (Thames Estuary) (Population 37,852)
        • Skipper’s Island  (Essex)
        • South Binness Island (Langstone Harbour)
        • Steep Holm (Bristol Channel)
        • Stert Island (Somerset)
        • Thatcher Rock (Devon)
        • Thorny Island (Chichester Harbour) (Population 1,079)
        • Two Tree Island (Thames Estuary)
        • Wallasea Island (Essex)
        • Whale Island (Portsmouth Harbour)
        • Whitton Island (River Hum

Islands off Coast of Scotland

There are over 790 islands off the coast of Scotland.  There are four main groups.  Inner and Outer Hebrides, Shetland, and Orkney.  Besides the four main groups, there are clusters of islands also found in the Firth of Clyde, Firth of Forth and Solway Firth.  This doesn’t include numerous fresh water islands in the many lochs (lakes).

Inner Hebrides (these are the inhabited islands, even though some have a population of 1).  There are an additional 43 uninhabited islands in the Inner Hebrides.  There are also tidal islands.

  • Small Isles Group
    •  Canna
    •  Eigg
    •  Muck
    •  Rùm
    •  Sanday
  • Mull Group
    •  Coll
    •  Erraid
    •  Gometra
    •  Iona
    •  Mull
    •  Tiree
    •  Ulva
  • Islay Group
    • Colonsay
    • Danna
    • Gigha
    •  Islay
    •  Jura
    •  Oronsay
  • State Islands Group
    • Raasay
    • Rona
    • Skalpay
    • Skye
    • Soay
  • Knapdale Group
    • Eilean dà Mhèinn
  • North Highland Group 
    • Isle of Ewe
  • Summer Isles Group
    • Tanera Mòr
There are several sea loch’s that contain islands
  • Eilean Shona in Loch Moidart
  • Eriska in Loch Linnhe
There are firths that contain islands
  • Kerrera in Firth of Lorn
  • Lismore in Firth of Lorn

Outer Hebrides are also known as the Western Isles.  Listed are the inhabited Islands.  There are an additional 50 uninhabited islands in the Outer Hebrides

  • Lewis and Harris
  • South Uist
  • North Uist
  • Benbecula
  • Barra
  • Scalpay
  • Great Bemerea
  • Grimsay North·         
  • Bemeray
  • Eriskay        
  • Vatersay
  • Baleshare
  • Grimsay South
  • Fiodaigh
  • Fraoch-Eilean
Shetlands.  Many of the Shetland islands are uninhabited.  The uninhabited islands include: Balta, Bigga, Brother Isle, Hascosay, Hildasay, Lamda, Linda near Ruckle Roe, Linga, Mousa, Oxna, Papa, Papa Litle, Samphrey, South Havra, Uyea Northmavine, Uyea Unst, Vementry, and West Linga.  There also a number of tidal islands and skerries. The following is a list of those with populations:
  • Bressay
  • Bruray
  • East Burra
  • Fair Isle
  • Fetlar
  • Foula
  • Housay
  • Mainland
  • Muckle Roe
  • Papa Stour
  • Trondra
  •  Unst
  • Vaila
  • West Burra
  • Whalsay
  • Yell
 Orkneys.  There are about 70 islands in the Orkneys of which 20 are inhabited.  These are the inhabited islands:
  • Auskerry
  • Burray
  • Eday
  • Eglisay
  • Flotta
  • Gairsay
  • Graemsay
  • Holm of Grimbister
  • Hoy
  • Inner Holm
  • North Ronaldsay
  • Orkney Mainland
  • Papa Westray
  • Rousay
  • Sanday
  • Shapinsay
  • South Ronaldsay
  • Stronsay
  • Westray

Islands off Coast of Wales

There are only three permanently inhabited islands – Anglesey, Caldey, and Holy Island.  There are several small islands that have seasonal visitors and tourists or an attended lighthouse.

  • Anglesey (Ynys Môn) – the largest island in the Irish Sea.  It is its own county. (Population over 69,000)
  • Bardsey Island (Ynys Enlli) – off coast of Gwynedd County
  • Barry Island (Ynys y Barri) – off coast of Glamorgan County in the Vale of Glamorgan
  • Caldey Island (Ynys Bŷr) – off coast of Pembrokeshire County (Population 40)
  • Cardigan Island (Ynys Aberteifi) – – off coast of Ceredigion County
  • Carreg Onned – off coast of Pembrokeshire County
  • Church Island (Ynys Dysilio) – off coast of Anglesey Island
  • Cribinau (Ynys Cribinau) – off coast of Anglesey Island
  • East Mouse (Ynys Amlwch) – off coast of Anglesey Island
  • Flat Holm (Ynys Echni) – In the Bristol Channel
  • Gate Holm – off coast of Pembrokeshire County
  • Grassholm (Gwales/Ynys Gwales) – off coast of Pembrokeshire County
  • Holy Island (Ynys Gybi) – off coast of Anglesey Island (population as of 2011 was 11,431)
  • Middle Head – off coast of Gower (Tidal Island)
  • Middle Mouse Ynys Badrig) – off coast of Anglesey Island
  • MiddleHolm (aka Midland Isle) – off coast of Pembrokeshire
  • Mumbles Head Island (Y Mwmbwls) – off coast of Gower (Tidal Island
  • North Stack (Ynys Arw) – off coast of Anglesey Island
  • Puffin Island (Ynys Seiriol) – off coast of Anglesey Island
  • Ramsey Island (Ynys Dewi) – off coast of Pembrokeshire
  • St Catherine’s Island (Ynys Catrin) – off coast of Pembrokeshire
  • St Margaret’s Island (Ynys Farged) – off coast of Pembrokeshire
  • St Tudwal’s Island East (Ynys Tudwal Fach) – off coast of Gwynedd County
  • St Tudwal’s Island West (Ynys Tudwal Fawr) – off coast of Gwynedd County
  • Salt Island (Ynys yr Halen) – off coast of Anglesey Island
  • Sheep Island (Ynys y defaid) – off coast of Pembrokeshire County (Tidal Island)
  • The Skerries (Ynysoedd y Moelrhoniaid) – off coast of Anglesey Island
  • Stokholm (Ynys Sgoc-holm) – off coast of Pembrokeshire County
  • Skomer (Ynys Skomer) – off coast of Pembrokeshire County
  • South Stack (Ynys Lawd) – off coast of Anglesey Island
  • Sully Island – off coast of Glamorgan County in the Vale of Glamorgan (Tidal Island)
  • Thorn Island – off coast of Pembrokeshire County
  • Tusker Rock (Ynys Twsgr) – off coast of Glamorgan County in the Vale of Glamorgan
  • West Mouse (Maen y Bugail) – off coast of Anglesey Island
  • Worms Head (Pen Pyrod) – off coast of Gower (Tidal Island)
  • Ynys Benlas – off coast of Anglesey Island
  • Ynys Beri – off coast of Pembrokeshire County
  • Ynys Cantwer – off coast of Pembrokeshire County
  • Ynys Castell – off coast of Anglesey Island
  • Ynys Dulas – off coast of Anglesey Island
  • Ynys Eilun & Pont yr Eilun – off coast of Pembrokeshire County
  • Ynys Faelog – off coast of Anglesey Island
  • Ynys Feurig – off coast of Anglesey Island
  • Ynys Gaint – off coast of Anglesey Island
  • Ynys Gifftlan – off coast of Gwynedd County (Tidal Island)
  • Ynys Gored Goch – off coast of Anglesey Island
  • Ynys Gwelltog – off coast of Pembrokeshire
  • Ynys Llanddwyn – off coast of Anglesey Island (Tidal Island)
  • Ynys Lochtyn – off coast of Ceredigian County
  • Ynys Moelfre – off coast of Anglesey Island
  • Ynys Y Big – off coast of Anglesey Island

Islands off Coast of Ireland

(In bold are inhabited)


·       Rathlin Island – off coast of County Antrim in the North Channel

·       The Maidens or Hulin Rocks – off coast of Antrim in the North Channel


·       Mutton Island – off Coast of County Clare in the Atlantic Ocean

·        List of the Islands in the Shannon Estuary, County Clare

o   Green Island

o   Dernish Island

o   Inishmacnaghtan Island

o   Feenish Island

o   Deenish Island

o   Canon Island

o   Isishloe Island

o   Inishtubbrid Island

o   Insihcorker Island

o   Inishbig or Hog Island

o   Scatrtery Island

·        List of the Islands in the Fergus Estuary, County Clare

o   Horse Island

o   Inishmore or Deer Island

o   Coney Island

o   Inishmacowney Island 


·       Dursey Island – off coast County Cork, Atlantic Ocean

·       Fastnet Rock – off coast County Cork, Atlantic Ocean

·       Great Island – off coast of County Cork in the North Channel of Cork Harbour

·       Inchydoney – In Clonakilty Harbour, County Cork

·       Inishfarnard Island – in Coulagh Bay, County Cork

·       Rabbit Island – in Squince Harbour, County Cork

·        List of Small Islands in Cork Harbour, County Cork

o   Fota or Foaty Island

o   Rocky Island

o   Haulbowline Island

o   Spike Island

·        List of Carberry Islands off Coast of County Cork

o   Cape Clear

o   Sherkin Island

o   Spanish Island

o   Rinarogy Island

o   Inishbeg Island

o   Mannin Island

o   Heir or Hare or Inishodriscol Island

o   Calf Islands

o   Skeam East

o   Skeam West

o   Horse Island

o   Castle Island

o   Long Island

·        List of small islands in Bantry Bay, County Cork

o   Whiddy Island

o   Chapel Island

o   Ilnacullin or Garnish Island

o   Roancarrigmore Island

o   Dinish Island

o   Bere or Bear Island  


·         Inishfree Lower Island – in Inishfree Bay, County Donegal

·         Inishkeel Island – In Gweebarra Bay, County Donegal

·         Island Roy – in Mulroy Bay, County Donegal

·         Rotten Island – In Killybegs Harbour, County Donegal

·        List of Islands in Donegal Harbour, County Donegal

o   Inishpat Island

o   Rooney’s Island

·        Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off coast of Donegal

o   Rathlin O’Birne Island

o   Inishkeeragh Island

o   Rutland or Inishmacadum Island

o   Inishcoo Island

o   Eighter Island

o   Arranmore or Aran Island

o   Tory Island

o   Inishtrahull Island

·        List of Islands in Dunglow Bay, County Donegal

o   Inishfree Upper Island

o   Inishal Island

·        List of Islands in Rosses Bay, County Donegal

o   Cruit Island

o   Owey Island

·        List of Islands in Gweedore Bay, County Donegal

o   Inishinny Island

o   Gola Island

o   Inishmeane Island

·        List of Islands in Tory Sound, County Donegal

o   Inishbofin Island

o   Inishdooey Island

·        List of Islands in Lough Swilly, County Donegal

o   Aughnish Island

o   Inch Island


·       Cannon Rock – off coast of County Down in the North Channel

·       Copeland Island – off coast of County Down in the North Channel

·        List of Small uninhabited Islands in Stransgford Lough in County Down

o   Mid Island

o   Rough Island

o   Reagh Island

o   Mahee Island

o   Wood Island

o   Rainey Island

o   Sketrick Island

o   Trasnagh Island

o   Roe Island

o   Conley or Conly Island

o   Dunsy Island

o   Islandmore Island

o   Pawle Island

o   Simmy Island

o   Island Taggart

o   Castle Island

o   Gores or Gore’s Island

o   Salt Island


·       Bull or North Bull Island – in Dublin Bay, County Dublin

·       Dalkey Island – off coast of Dublin in the Irish Sea

·       Ireland’s Eye Island – off coast of Dublin in the Irish Sea

·       Lambay Island – off coast of Dublin in the Irish Sea

·       Rockabill Island – off coast of Dublin in Irish Sea

·        List of the Skerries Islands off Coast of Dublin

o   Colt Island

o   St Patrick’s Island

o   Shenick Island 


·         Davillaun Island – in the Inishbofin Group, County Galway

·         Inishdawros Island – in Ballyconneely Bay, County Galway

·        List of the Aran Islands off Coast of Galway

o   Inisheer or Inishere

o   Inishmaan Island

o   Inishmore Island

o   Brannock Island East

o   Brannock IslandWest

o   Brannock Island

o   Rock Island

·        List of Islands in Galway Bay, Counties Clare & Galway

o   Aughinish Island, County Clare

o   Island Eddy, County Galway

o   Tawin East, County Galway

o   Tawin Island, County Galway

·        List of Islands in Greatman’s Bay, County Galway

o   Rossroe Island

o   Inchamakinna Island

·       List of Islands in the Gorumna Group, County Galway

o   Annaghvaan Island

o   Inishlusk Island

o   Lettermore Island

o   Gorumna Island

o   Lettermullen or Lettermullan

o   Clappagh Island

o   Furnace Island

o   Inisherk Island

o   Dinish Island

o   Inishbarra Island

o   Illauneeragh Island

·        Islands in Kilkieran Bay, County Galway

o   Inishtravin Island

o   Roeilaun Island

o   Illaunmore Island

o   Illauneeragh West

·        Islands In Camus Bay, County Galway

o   Clynagh Island

o   Inisheltia Island

·        Islands in Maínis Bay, County Galway

o   Finish Island

o   Rusheenacholla Island

o   Mweenish Island

·        List of Islands in Bertgraghboy Bay, County Galway

o   Illaungorm North Island

o   Inishnee Island

·        List of Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off coast of Galway

o   Masson or Mason Island

o   St Macdara’s Island

o   Croahnakeela Island

o   Freaghillaun Island

o   Illaunamid Island

o   Turbot or Talbot Island

o   Inishturk or Inishturk South Island

o   Omey Island

o   Cruagh Island

o   High Island

o   Inishbofin Island

o   Inishlyon Island

o   Inishark Island

o   Crump Island


·       Fenit Island – in Tralee Bay, County Kerry

·       Magharee or the Seven Hogs Island– off coast County Kerry, Atlantic Ocean

·       Puffin Island – off coast County Kerry, Atlantic Ocean

·       Scariff Island – off coast County Kerry, Atlantic Ocean

·       Valentia or Valencia Island – of coast of County Kerry

·        List of small islands in the Kenmare River, County Kerry

o   Ormond’s Island

o   Dinish Island

o   Dunkerron Island East

o   Dunkerron Island West

o   Cappanacush Island

o   Garnish Island

o   Greenane Islands

o   Rossmore Island

o   Rossdohan Island

o   Sherky Island

·        List of small islands in Valencia Harbour, County Kerry

o   Beginish Island

o   Church Island

o   Lamb Island

·        List of the Blasket Islands, County Kerry

o   Beginish

o   Great Blasket Island

o   Inishabro Island

o   Inishvickillane Island

o   Tearaght Island

o   Inishtooskert Island

·        List of the Islands in the Shannon Estuary, County Kerry

o   Carrig Island

o   Tarbert Island

·        Skellig Islands (the Skellocks) off coast of County Kerry, Atlantic Ocean

o   Little Skellig

o   Skellig Michael or Great Skellig Rock


·        List of the Islands in the Shannon Estuary, County Limerick

o   Foynes Island

o   Aughinish Island


·         Barranagh Island – In Elly Bay, County Mayo

·         Bartragh Island – in Killala Bay, County Mayo

·         Kid Island – In Broadhaven Bay, County Mayo

·        List of Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off coast of Mayo

o   Achill Island

o   Achillbeg Island

o   Inishturk Island

o   Cather Island

o   Duvillaun Beg

o   Duvillaun More

o   Inishglora

o   Eagle Island

o   Illanmaster Island

·        List of Islands in Clew Bay, County Mayo

o   Clare Island

o   Dornish More and Dornish Beg Islands

o   Illanataggsart Island

o   Inishgort Island

o   Collanmore or Collan More Island

o   Cynish Island

o   Island More

o   Knockycahillaun Island

o   Moynish More Island

·       List of Islands in Dornish Harbour, County Mayo

o   Crovinish Island

o   Inishlyre Island

·        List of Islands in Newport Bay, County Mayo

o   Derrinish Island

o   Inishbee Island

o   Inishgowla Island

o   Inishoo Island

o   Inishnakillew Island

o   Inishcottle Island

o   Inishturk Island

o   Insihdaff Island

o   Rosbarnagh Island

o   Inishturlin Island

o   Rosmore Island

o   Rosturk Island

o   Inishquiurk Island

o   Inishtubbrid Island

o   Inishnacross Island

o   Inishbobunnan Island

o   Inishgowla Island

o   Inishiltra Island

o   Inishkeel Island

o   Inishcooa Island

·        List of Islands in Blacksod Bay, County Mayo

o   Annagh Island

o   Inishbiggie Island

·        List of Islands in Inishkea Islands, County Mayo

o   Inishkea South

o   Inishkea North


·        List of Islands in Sligo Harbour, County Sligo

o   Inishmulclohy or Coney Island

o   Oyster Island

·        List of Islands in Donegal Bay, County Sligo

o   Inishmurry Island

o   Conor’s Island

o   Dernish Island


·       Bannow Island – in Bannow Bay, County Wexford

·       Begerin Island – North Slob, County Wexford

·       Great Saltee Island – off coast of County Wexford

·       Kerragh Island – Saint George’s Channel, County Wexford

·       Tuskar Rock – Saint George’s Channel, County Wexford

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