Countries of North America

Author: Robert W. Penry @ 2021







AnguillaCaribbean – Leeward IslandsBritish CommonwealthBritish Overseas Territory
Antigua and BarbudaCaribbean – Leeward IslandsIndependent 1981 
ArubaCaribbean – Leeward IslandsConstituent CountryNetherlands Territory
The BahamasCaribbean – Bahama ArchipelagoIndependent 1973 
BarbadosCaribbean – Windward IslandsIndependent 1966 
BelizeCentral ContinentalIndependent 1981 
BermudaCaribbean -U.S. AtlanticBritish CommonwealthBritish Overseas Territory
BonaireCaribbean – Leeward IslandsConstituent CountryNetherlands Territory
British Virgin IslandsCaribbean – Greater AntillesIndependent 1960 
CanadaNorth ContinentalIndependent 1867 
Cayman IslandsCaribbean – Greater AntillesBritish CommonwealthBritish Overseas Territory
Clipperton IslandPacific CoastUninhabitedPrivate Property of France
Costa RicaCentral ContinentalIndependent 1821 
CubaCaribbean – Greater AntillesIndependent 1868 
CuraçaoCaribbean – Leeward IslandsConstituent CountryNetherlands Territory
DominicaCaribbean – Windward IslandsIndependent 1878 
Dominican RepublicCaribbean – Greater AntillesIndependent 1849Island of Hispianola
El SalvadorCentral ContinentalIndependent 1821 
GreenlandNorth AtlanticHome Rule 1979Danish Territory
GrenadaCaribbean – Windward IslandsIndependent 1874 
GuadeloupeCaribbean – Greater AntillesFrench RegionFrench Territory
GuatemalaCentral ContinentalIndependent 1821 
HaitiCaribbean – Greater AntillesIndependent 1804Island of Hispianola
HondurasCentral ContinentalIndependent 1821 
JamaicaCaribbean – Greater AntillesIndependent 1962 
MartiniqueCaribbean – Windward IslandsFrench RegionFrench Territory
MexicoNorth ContinentalIndependent 1810 
MontserratCaribbean – Leeward IslandsBritish CommonwealthBritish Overseas Territory
Navassa IslandCaribbean – Greater AntillesUninhabitedU.S. Territory
NicaraguaCentral ContinentalIndependent 1821 
PanamaCentral ContinentalIndependent in 1903Also South America
Puerto RicoCaribbean – Greater AntillesU.S. CitizensU.S. Territory
SabaCaribbean – Leeward IslandsConstituent CountryNetherlands Territory
Saint BarthélemyCaribbean – Leeward IslandsFrench RegionFrench Territory
Saint Kitts and NevisCaribbean – Leeward IslandsIndependent 1983 
Saint LuciaCaribbean – Windward IslandsIndependent 1979 
Saint Martin (island)Caribbean – Leeward IslandsFrench RegionFrench Territory
Saint Pierre and MiquelonNorth Atlantic – Canada CoastFrench RegionFrench Territory
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesCaribbean – Windward IslandsIndependent 1979 
Sint EustatiusCaribbean – Leeward IslandsConstituent CountryNetherlands Territory
Sint MaartenCaribbean – Leeward IslandsConstituent CountryNetherlands Territory
Trinidad and TobagoCaribbean – Windward IslandsIndependent 1962 
Turks and Caicos IslandsCaribbean – Bahama ArchipelagoBritish CommonwealthBritish Overseas Territory
United States Virgin IslandsCaribbean – Greater AntillesU.S. CitizensU.S. Territory
United States of AmericaNorth ContinentalIndependent 1776 

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